Thursday, March 11, 2010

an innocent poverty..!!

"OMG wat a plesent surprise its gud to c u aftr a long time" i had greeted Rani di as c entered ma room
with her 5 yrs old son..
hmm tum toh aati nahi mujhe hi aana pada..followed by my srry i wsnt knwing dat u r here nowdays..
well we become busy wth our talks n her son was much busy in playing wth d toys offered to him..
After some time he came near to Di and asked..
"Maa we are poor isint it??"
we had a great laugh at his question and tried to ignore him by our laugh..
but he was so stick to his question plzz Maa tell me na we r poor??
Di: No we are not. who told you anything like this??
Subh: u know many of my friends are havin car but we dnt hav so we are poor.. don't you know yet?
Di did not answer she didnt expected an ans like this from his 5 yr old son..
He continued : but we have washing machin, vaccume cleaner, and he counted some more
things from his house and calculated total as four which were according to him sud be there at any rich family.
then he turned to us and pretending in the order if he was trying to console her mother continued in his
cute voice..
"Maa you don't worry we are havin 4 things at home more then them so we are not poor.. my friends are
poor"..and i am sad that they are poor.. :(
we had just again laughed at his conclusion which was made by him who was not knowing
the parameters set by us to consider someone rich/poor but did well as we all do to judge ppl if dey r poor or not by d things they had at home not by what they are havin in der heart for others.....
n he was again busy in playing with his toys with the same concentration and we were left with a question
Really wat's poverty ??


bibhash jha said...

Child never knows what rich is or what poor is . Its just that he comes across such words when elders keep talking that we cant buy a car .. we are not rich ..or we cant buy a big bungalow .. we are poor . Poor itself is a relative term ( of course poor are poor ) . A millionaire is a poor compared to a billionaire . one should never compare . We should look up for setting targets .. at the same time .. look down to see that we are already at such height and we must rejoice over what we already got instead of crying over what we don't have ( by looking at others ).

Anonymous said...

agree wid bibhash ..a child never know whats being poor unless overheard from converstaions which usually runs at home / othe places while comparison ..

n to ans wats poverty ...acc to me , its ur thinking ...if u think urself to be 'rich' counting the blessings , then u r rich , but if you feel poor inspite of being 'rich' , then you are the biggest poor , living with this 'poverty' feeling !! Hope the explanation wasnt that poor ! ;)

deepa kashyap said...

@bibhash thnx fr d cmmnts
me too agree wth u..

deepa kashyap said...

@adreamygal thnx fr visitn ma blog n cmmnts
n d explanation wsnt poor at defined d poverty vry well.. :)

listen to ur heart....