Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ohh i just realised !!

** sometimes Its okay to feel sad if you have enough reasons for the same !!

** u cnt expect things will always go according to your wish !!

** anyone can help you !! may be some unexpected person can surprise u with the most
acceptable thing which sud hav been done to solve your problem !!

** sometimes words heal the pain faster then medicines !!

** you can't be always right or even wrong.. so accept it without any re-grates !!

** silence don't help always !!

** your hurts and sadness let you know that "God isn't partial in giving pain and
sorrows only a bit choosy at times !!

** you can't come out of every pain by just telling "part of life"
sometimes more positive attitude is required !!

** the more you will think more you will get confused !!

**everyone is special in their own way but
sometimes you will be more comfortable in casual then being special !!

** its never too late for these words:
i' m sorry !!
thank you !!
will you plz help me??

** don't hesitate ever to disturb, or even annoy your friends if you need them otherwise it may hurt them afterward :P !!

** always forgive your enemies nothing will annoy them much!!

p.s you may don't get :( .. sad smiles back but you will always get " :P " as well *poke* (on fb)
back while chatting !! :P
keep smiling :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

just a thought # 5

For once, instead of telling me the reasons why i shouldnt cry, actually pay attention to the reasons why I am !!!

p.s i realized i m not able to help myself from feeling low from last few days !! sorry friends for such a stupid thought but as i told i can't help :( :(

Saturday, June 19, 2010

love u :) :)

Fathers Day, Happy Fathers Day Pictures, Images and Photos
Today is father's day we all called our father, wished him, some might have plans for dinner or to spend some quality time with the family.

But Why a special day is needed to show that we love him, care for him, doesn't matter how much we hurt for other 364 days, why can't we celebrate father's day every day?
we can go for gifts like " don't hurt him", " to make him proud", to be honest with him","to love and care for the whole life" rather then expensive gifts.
well if you had ever get a chance to visit an old age home you will notice hundreds of eye waiting for their beloved child , waiting for their love, care n affection for their attention.
now days neither we have place for them in our "two bed room flats" not even in our heart.
sometimes we took pity for people we met at road , we feel bad for them but we never ever try to realise the pain and sufferings our parents are going through almost each day through our behavior we escape so easily by calling them "generation gap".

Com'n friends go and ask your father how much you love him, care for him, promise to never leave him alone and keep your promises.. its not tough... its just ignorance by us in this busy world, let them to be an important part of your life and see their will be no generation, communication any kind of gap between you and your father :) :)

p.s i love you dad !! thanks for being so special in my life :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

once upon a time !!

He and she was childhood friend and met after almost 10 years in a family function.
They had so many things so share, to ask, to inform, and to complain and lots more but didn’t even know from where to start.

She always found him staring at her throughout the function. She loved each and every prank he done with her, talking, laughing, late night sms exchange while everyone sleep yet he sleep to the next room: P.

For her he was : “ I had a crush and you will have to listen – friend, He was her fix-it- friend, her I’d had such a hard day please listen to it- friend, I’m so hungry come eat with me- friend, two eyes always staring at her: friend, which earrings look best with this dress- friend. . A friend who never told her “ohh you are looking awesome in this dress but always teasing her like “what’s wrong with your hairs”? “Tu itni bhi buri nai dikhti yaar “n it doesn’t matter whatever color you will be dressed in you will look same she always took all this as compliment as there was no other way: D “

Everything was so perfect from their childhood only when they promised to marry each other at the age of just 9-10. But now it was just an unforgettable reason to blush when someone remind her about it in front of him ..

She wished to tell him thanks for being so special for her... for being a great listener, and friend she tried many times to tell him about her love but something was stopping her from doing so. while all growing years he waited for her but didn’t knew how she met with “dream boy” of her life, fallen in love, got cheated so badly and left with the fact of her life “love always hurts”...

p.s thus a story which was started once upon a time with their friendship was getting new wings of dream
With the same care, affection and love.. love?? well this was yet to be discovered :)

... to be contd.

listen to ur heart....