Saturday, September 25, 2010

Move on !!

It’s one of the toughest thing to  do, to move away from a relationship which wasn’t even working. It takes lots of time to believe that yeah I was cheated by him/her, we keep on cursing, hating everything around us which remind us about them...but we can't do anything except "accepting it" !!

·        ##  Accept that there's nothing we can do to change the past : how hard we try, whatever we do, we can’t change the past doesn’t matter we were so good, loving, caring .

·       ##   Learn to forgive yourself for your own mistakes:  we always keep cursing ourselves for something we did, for some we didn’t . Learn to forgive your mistakes as now nothing can be done !!

·        ## Be aware of your thoughts :  just sit and think once it’s really only you who got hurt?  Because the person next to you might be going through the same pain.

·      ##  Trust the nature of time : time is great healer, it always heal our pain . Just have some patience you will be healed n move on !!

·        ##  Never be late in saying sorry : ya a sorry don’t heal someone’s pain but can comfort and just give satisfaction to you and you might forgive yourself . Apologize and ask forgiveness if you need to.

·        ##  Make new connections with people.: You don't necessarily have to make a whole new set of friends; you can initiate a new type of friendship .  some new relationship .

·       ##  Seek balance in your conversations: Let go of the emotions and feelings of painful memories. ya its fine you are so sad and low but no one wants to with someone who live in his/her own world either happy or sad, just take some interest in their lives too.

·        ## Explore a new world : start something new. Paint, write, draw , read, do something which you love to do. Move out of your comfort zone.
·          When you're letting go of an ex-partner, you should seriously consider whether it's wise to spend time together -- or if you should let go altogether. Maybe you're still in love, or were abused, and have confused thoughts and feelings. Take a break , ask yourself twice and then decide.                                                                                                                                                                      

     p.s  keep smiling :)


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just a thought # 6

Sitting in the room.. all alone...feeling so alone and bored ..
tried almost everything to cheer myself... on phone.. tried to study again but not able to do so..

*Login to facebook*.

just a silly comment by one of my online friend made me laugh some more comments cheered up...
n i am happy again.. feeling so light.. smiling again :D


p.s we don't need great plans to make our life happy but just a small n sweet approach can make life worth living :)
keep smiling :D

Sunday, September 5, 2010

last page of my diary !!

Hostel life was gifted to me by my parents at my 15th b'day... With some fear, some curiosity, n some excitement i left my home and entered a new world, which was not familiar with me. There were so many girls like me just the difference was some were extremely happy in being there.. some were less.
 Many times i saw myself in every sad girl who wanted to go back to her home I had never ever cheered up or consoled anyone who was suffering from “homesickness”  but shared my tears with her.
I learned so many things there, as I loved to do group studies, sharing happiness n pain, some with all my heart some with less as I didn’t wanted to share or compromise.. Yet did as per hostel rules.
I don't know how time flew away.. I kept changing roommates as shifted to other city for further studies , new hostel, new roommates,  but something was still constant -Me, My hostel life and my visit to home at vacations only.
In between all this I never cared when my loyalty shifted from home to hostel life, I find myself more comfortable with my roommates then relatives. Now I love everything about hostel except the bad food ;) .
In the starting few years I wanted to return my home, but now all this become an important part of my life.
Today I got the (good) news.. “I have to return back to my home” .. as I completed my course and will have to wait for results for few  days or may be months at home only.
I want to go back home but don’t want to leave my so special people of my life with whom I had shared so beautiful moments in this hostel. I want to be with my parents but I want to return back to my friends after the vacations. But all this is not possible now. Today at the age of 21 , m standing at  the end of “ most beautiful   days of my life”  which will never come back again!!
  at last I just want to say :
Meeting is pleasure
Separation is pain..
But the earth is round
So we will meet again"!!

p.s Hostel life Rocks!!  :)

listen to ur heart....