Friday, January 7, 2011

After nine months of absolute care !!

In a dark night, I wake up from my dream to face the real world. Being curious, I want to know where I am. There are people all around me. I see everyone, every face...some hateful, some pitiful and others expressionless.

Where are those eyes through which I used to see this beautiful world? Why is this lap so uncomfortable? I want to feel the warmth of those caring hands that always caressed me affectionately. This world, which threw me away as if I'm a waste, is not worth living without that person. Why I am unwanted? Why they don't want me? Just because I'm a girl, don't I deserve their love and care?

Oh! Now, I'm in an orphanage. I see myself in every face here. We are special children of God so he wants us to be under his care, at his home.But why didn’t he ask me whether I really want to be with him? Why didn’t he let me choose between him and my mother?

I need you, Maa. I want you to hold my hands, tightly and say to this damned world “Here’s my sweet angel, my daughter!”

p.s keep Smiling !!
     keep Rocking !!      

listen to ur heart....