Sunday, May 2, 2010

before sadness fills ur heart n u forgot to laugh !!

Did you ever saw some people laughing about nothing in the park? or anywhere?
I always wonder why they pretend to be so happy if they r nt. why they prefer this artificial laugh over natural one..
just becoz they don't have time for natural one or wat??i really feel about their sadness which filled their heart so completely so that
they have to go for exersises like this..but they are helpless as
"One day a guy saw his wife washing cloths by hand he felt bad about it
and to save her 1/2 hour, next day bought a washing machine which didn't come alone
but with EMI schemes.. resulting in few more hours at office doing overtime for them,
few days later they planned to buy a new flat screen tv
ohh it wsnt dat much tough to afford for them so again one more EmI
n few more hours overtime..some things changed acc to time some acc to need but some just becoz their neighbours have it.
everytime the same story new things resulting burden of new EMI schemes!!
Sometimes they regrate about their child that they were nt able to
give enough time. He seems so dull nowdays neither shows intrest in playing or anything.
so they come up with lots of toys, chocklates n more to cheer him up which resulting in increasing demand day by day from the child.
they looks so perfect having a big flat, a big car then others. and they look so happy family from outside."

few years rolled down and they missed a real life somewhere...

ohh They have to gO park EVERYDAY where many like them are
laughing at loud just about nothing but its the requirement of life(mgt be fake still its required) n to relax themselves so
they are laughing, no happiness is inside them, rather havin a hollow heart inside which don't care about anyone.
did nt even remember when last time they smiled form heart, saw the moon, the b'ful stars
as they are unable to see frm their balcony,
want to spend time with family but they cant why??
u forget abt d hunger of more and more luxery which comes from money and to fullfill all dreams more and more hours overtime done at office
they do'nt have time to be happy, at home they will again be sad by seeing some old furnitures
and start planning to change it as soon as possible.. so people run after artificial happiness but don't try to get the true meaning of happiness
which can't be buy from money..

Thank god i still remember how to smile or even laugh not at nothing but for many things :)


Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

nice write :)

Abhi said...

hmm.. i too never realized this cycle of buying things and thinking it to be ultimate happiness.. now we have debit cards & credit cards.. but the real happiness lacks in our life.. in coll days we never had money n wat we had was only may b a 100 rupee note.. n dat even wasnt the case everyday.. but life was so beautiful..

Thanks Deepa for bringing back those days through this post of urs.. probably at certain point of time u need to think abt things/people more than money.

Thanks again :)

Marinela Reka said...

Amazing blog, love it :)

Short Poems

deepa kashyap said...

@ dr. chandna
thnx :)

welcome n my life is still so b'ful as m still a student :D :D

thnx n wlcome on ma blog :)
keep visiting..

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

listen to ur heart....