Monday, February 22, 2010


Its beautiful day..after d rain sky is so clear n blue havin seven colours scattered ohh its rainbow..
birds rushing back to their homes .. their children making little noise in their nests as they see their
mama approaching..small children r playing outside...there are rain drops on flowers adding more beauty to it..
.n there is huge traffic jam on the road..
while explaining d lines Raj turned n found..Abhi ws so delighted as if he can imagine
all those scenes..with his closed eyes....
ohh thnk god! i cud make him smile Raj thought..
It ws der daily routine from last few months....Raj explain evrything running outside d window as he got the permission to sit for 2-3
hours in a day for his dialysis...both of them were in d same ward n Raj ws wth d bed near to d window..both of them eagrly wait for this moment
so that they cn come closer to the nature n feel its beauty...
graadually Abhi started feeling jelous of Raj..y its always dat he can c all d beauty n just explain me..y cnt i watch them
through ma own eyes...once those hours were d most important part of d day for which he used to wait whole day nw become just an excuse for being sad for Abhi....
It was diwali's night evry1 was busy in enjoying sweets, burn crakers but der ws sm1 shoughting fr help..he ws restless
his voice lost in d noise of crakers, Abhi was knowing abt d pain n suffering of Raj but refused to help as he wants dat window side bed..
There is morning aftr every dark was morning now but the person was not any more who describe its beauty..
Abhi was a bit sad for loosing one of his friend (ya we can call them as friends)..but he was overwhelmed wth joy dat he
will see all the beauty with his eyes,he dont need anyone more to explain them..
His bed was shifted near the window.. with the support of his hands somehow he managed to peep out of the window....ohh myy god!! he was shocked..wats this????
"samne ek deewar thi.."

Friday, February 19, 2010

smwhr smone is waitin fr u....

IN ma classroom der were really sm brainees tensed abt d exams as it ws d last class of 3rd sam ,n some really cool heads still crackin jokes n enjoying d last class too
as fr thm still 2 days left to study.. well i fall in 2nd category.. :)
i ws just enjoying n laughing yet one of ma frnd (priya) come to me n asked to talk to me..i ws sure c wsnt fond of askin question related to its okk..
ye tell me whts d prob??
c started: deepa, u knw ma mom is in hospital frm last few days,n c want to meet u.... can u manage to come??
i ws a bit surprised y c wann meet me der mgt b lots of relatives around her.. i heard once dat c is sufering frm blood cancer frm last 2yrs n nw in final stage..
priya realised ma confusion so c continued.. dnt worry i had shared many things abt u wh her..its a bit strange but c enjoy talkin abt u..c laughs at ur jokes,likes ur attitude abt life
n blah blah...
hey its okk i got it but u knw we r havin exams frm day aftr tommrw, so i will come aftr exams is it f9??(it ws d perfect excuse dat time i cud had made)
as u all knw whether u study or not but we can't rome outside on d previus day of exam..
c nodded her head as c agreed n went off wth... whenevr u b free give me a call i will provide u d infrmation as d ward no. and all..
and me again joined ma group as i had missed many of der jokes..
it ws d day of my exams i was puzzled as didn't slept d whole ngt, (why at d last moment we wonder of getting some more time for preparation huh !).
all of sudden ma mobile beeps.. its text msg !! it must be a gud luck msg fr exams which i ws needed vry badly..
ohh its priya.. and d msg was like dis..
" my maa is no more, baat karne ka man v nahi hai aur himmat v nai ,all d best fr ur exams... !!"
i was socked.. wat ws dis ?? i read that msg twice n thrice ya it ws true.. i call her n come to knw c passed away last evening and her last words was
"deepa nahi aayi?? ohh c is a kid na toh hw cud c come alone?? my voice was chocked, i didnt spoke a word.. i cried a lot for sm1 whom i didnt ever met !!
I went fr exams with my red eyes filled wth tears ....i realised the meaning of pain. Pain is personal. It really belongs to the one feeling it. Probably the only thing that is your own.
I have mine... I did well in exams... hav gt answers of many things in ma life but dat question is still in ma mind.. y c ws waiting for me??????

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

few steps..! !

With few dreams in my eyes, faith in heart... i startd my journy , bt as i step out in this world no one noticed me at all, without knwing ma capabilities, dey ignored me.
ma ideas... i wasn't much worried becoz i ws sure once dey will come to knw abt it they will definetly appreciate..
so smhow i managed to convey ma plannings~ wat i wann to do..
ohh but nw.. they come up with reaction like-- wat?? wat u wann do??
as if i cracked any joke infront of them.. they made fun of views !!
yet i was havin faith that i will make them understand.. what i am... so i had given them d last chance... and they come up wth some different reactions like "insulting" which made me
realise the fact "Those who have faith need no explanation, for those who have no faith, no explanation is possible." it was so true !!
and i made myself more focused on my goal. i was having enough time now, as i had stopped to waste it on people who were not willing to waste their time on me..(as they pretended)
n finally i got successed in ma plans.... i was so happy as my dreams were now become my reality.. i wanted to share it with everyone, forgottn all d ignorance,insults everything given by them
but again d same story.. wtf ...they declined ma success at all !! tried to proved their superioriority !! but till now i ws familiar with them so i remain constant n enjoyed my success..
wow !! its gud to c they reacting so nicly ..their insult changed into respect, n nw m being noticed by strange!!
Well I got ma conclusion in d form of few steps how ppl react to ma plans n dreams :-
"Tiraskar" n
Think well of urself n proclaim dis fact to d world...... nt in loud words bt in grt deeds!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

dis is ur world.. shape it or sm1 else will..

there was a gal, so innocent n shy....simple yet attractive.she was delicate..anythin said about her directly hit her heart.......
...n she burst out into tears.....
yet she was vry happy in her own world ~~~world of fantacies~~~ where everything ws a miracle..every moment was special.she was flying with birds,talking to rainbows,
as c wasliving in her world, one day she met a stranger, for whom she was waiting for ages n nw her dream gt wings..she was on top of the worlds.she wished to touch the horizons
BUt............he introduced her to a new world ~~the world of reality~~ it ws a lot tough for her but she stepped down from her world to his world and
ws trying to undrstnd d rules of livin..her miracles were changing into disasters.her smile was changing into distress. yet she was working hard to adapt to the new world.As it is said "no dream lasts forever", it happend wth her also
c lost d prsn of her dreams n also d way of returning to her own world, nw c ws all alone..into an alien world
c spent sleepless ngts crying fr him.talking with him in her dreams .bt all goes in vain.she never smiled again......
as time passed by she decided to change her self. she went away from this world &noone knew & no one cared whre c went !!
ppl say she had changed herself a lot.. nw c has learned to smile,and make others smile. her presence make others happy,
her absence makes others want her for more.,she left her shyness,became more frank,cool n she loves to share n solve others problem..
yet her own hurts are so deep that no one can reach them or heal them with words. so she prefered to leave them
undisscussed..actually i m a bit worried fr her..i cnt see her in pain anymore as every ngt i found her crying......
~~~~~~in ma mirror !!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

u r alone?? so u r with urself !!!!

u r sad with having any of the following reasons?? some of plans are nt accepted by others,
any venture failed, broken heart, results nt upto your expectations..
uff there r lots of reasons i cnt mention all..
n nw for you the world come to an end.nt intrsted in sharing your problems at all..somtimes resulting in.. no hope to live..
commo'n its ok to feel sad when there is somthing to feel sad about. but ask yourself are your reasons
enough ?? becoz may be the person sitting next to you is having more reasons but he
is facing all of them with all his bravity and courage. ya i know patients,bravity n these things differ from
person to person but remember you failed becoz you attemped the things.. there are many people who
declare their defeat without attempting..i always realised although the world is full of sufferings,
it is also full of overcoming of why can't you overcome from it..
okk !!! nw turn a few pages back to your life.. you was so happy guy, havin lots of frnds to enjoy, always in hurry
as havin very few time left to fullfill d dreams.. never got time for yourself, to look inside d heart, to read own mind
as you were damn busy doing so for smone never realised your own beauty, potential to do things and now when
u are alone you are so much afraid with your own company !! but dear friends !! if you can't tolrate yourself how could you
expect it from someone else .. sitting next to you and solving your problems??

listen to ur heart....