Tuesday, February 9, 2010

few steps..! !

With few dreams in my eyes, faith in heart... i startd my journy , bt as i step out in this world no one noticed me at all, without knwing ma capabilities, dey ignored me.
ma ideas... i wasn't much worried becoz i ws sure once dey will come to knw abt it they will definetly appreciate..
so smhow i managed to convey ma plannings~ wat i wann to do..
ohh but nw.. they come up with reaction like-- wat?? wat u wann do??
as if i cracked any joke infront of them.. they made fun of me..my views !!
yet i was havin faith that i will make them understand.. what i am... so i had given them d last chance... and they come up wth some different reactions like "insulting" which made me
realise the fact "Those who have faith need no explanation, for those who have no faith, no explanation is possible." it was so true !!
and i made myself more focused on my goal. i was having enough time now, as i had stopped to waste it on people who were not willing to waste their time on me..(as they pretended)
n finally i got successed in ma plans.... i was so happy as my dreams were now become my reality.. i wanted to share it with everyone, forgottn all d ignorance,insults everything given by them
but again d same story.. wtf ...they declined ma success at all !! tried to proved their superioriority !! but till now i ws familiar with them so i remain constant n enjoyed my success..
wow !! its gud to c they reacting so nicly ..their insult changed into respect, n nw m being noticed by evry1...so strange!!
Well I got ma conclusion in d form of few steps how ppl react to ma plans n dreams :-
"Tiraskar" n
Think well of urself n proclaim dis fact to d world...... nt in loud words bt in grt deeds!!!


bibhash jha said...

budding philosopher

listen to ur heart....