Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is this Love :/

I was just wondering how people figure out that they have fallen for someone. I mean how and when do they realize that they are in love.
Are there any predefined symptoms? Any sign that confirms that you had feelings for someone? Sign that proves that you were actually in love? Anything that makes you say, “Yes, I’m in love”. Any hint like people playing pianos in the background like it happens in Hindi movies?

Did any sign work for you? Did they tell you whether you just liked someone or it was actually love? Well, if they worked then it’s good otherwise let’s suppose you just moved on and forgot all about your feelings; like or love or whatever it was.

Here’s few lines from one of my favorite movies
 ”Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein”:
"ek ladki dekhi, one flash aur main apna dil kho betha, ab to bas ek hi tamanna hai - rehna hai uske dil mein !!"
Did you fall in love at first sight too? Or you don’t believe in such a thing? If you don’t believe in it then would you tell me how long one has to wait to confirm that he or she is or was in love. Few days? Months? Years? Or a lifetime? 

Anyway, when I see hope in your words, when I just cannot stop thinking about you, when I crave to talk to you, when I wish all my dreams should come true, am I in love? Is this really love?

Well I don't know..what about you ? ;)

Keep Smiling !!
Keep Rocking !!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dreams !!

The dream of 3 animals....   . 




And the best of all :

Keep Smiling !!
Keep Rocking !!

p.s what's your wildest dream? ;)
p.p.s courtesy - A forwarded mail !!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's my Life !!

Blogging is among one of those best things that ever happened to me in past few years. Yeah, I penned down my feelings whenever I was high/low/depressed/hurt or whatever it was but I hardly blog nowadays. It's not like I don’t get time to write or I don’t want to write, I am just unable to put my emotions into words. It's like there are no words at all. It happens when someone is either very happy or very sad, doesn't it? But that's not the case here. I'm just not able to write - just like that. Why?

Few things in life happen for no reason. Even if there's a reason, aren't we too busy or ignorant to go behind that reason? Well, I'm not sure though.

I was recollecting some really awesome moments of past and the first thing that I thought about was rain. Rain! Yeah, I love when it rains. Sitting inside my room and watching the amazing droplets hit the ground, and then getting drenched in rain. Today, I enjoyed Rain. The falling droplets filled my heart with joy and it refreshed me. I felt alive. I was happy for I could still respond to the beauties around me like before. The child in me was still alive, had listened songs randomly – anything and everything, loved to do that as wasn’t even sure which the next track is. Sometimes life is good when you are ready for unpredictable things and accept them as they are – without any modifications at all !!

Well! I finally had a weekend for myself. No parties, no hanging out with friends, just Me, some good MUSIC, good FOOD, Rain and I loved every moment of it. Spending time with oneself is way better than being stuck with someone whom you don’t like, isn't it?

I want to thank that someone who brings my confidence back every time I feel low. I'm really thankful to that person because of whom I'm happy now. I realized that I should let go of petty things in life and hold on to beautiful moments.

Keep Smiling !!
Keep Rocking !!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just a thought # 8

If someone really likes u..... 
                                ................. everyone does..!! :)

keep Smiling !!
keep Rocking !!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

cheers to life !! :)

Life is strange. It always gives us another chance especially when we are happy with whatever we have and don’t need anything else.  Life is not a fairytale and I don’t even want it to be. I like the way it is.
In the last few months I had experienced  moments which were extremely sad, some simply awesome, lots of pain, some happiness, some small achievements, some failures etc. sometimes we want things to happen according to our wish, and as soon as we succeed in that, it confuses us whether we asked for it or not. It happen hell number of times.. at least with me. For me  “ I have never met  anyone so ignorant that I couldn’t learn anything from them“ and believe me it never disappoints me, I met so many people in life : some are worth to remember some are  simply awesome due to their approach towards life and I like all of them , their way of approaching life. I never wanted to be like anyone but yeah there are few things which I want/wish to ignore rather than messing up with people/relationship/situations and finally I am able to do so and live life a bit more simply (sounds so nice..). The bottom line is ~~ I am happy.. I know what I want from my life at least about the moment I am living in.
It’s like “Do whatever you really want to, don’t worry about others…. they are too busy  and don’t care at all “ you know yourself much better than anyone else and your dreams/priorities too. Don’t be afraid to dream.. dream which needs action to come for them..achieve everything you wished for your life..oh wait you still worrying about some heartbreaking and about people who never cared about you.. don’t ..they will just come back.. one day.. definitely!!

keep Smiling !!
keep Rocking !!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Worlds !!

When was the last time you hung out with your friends?
When was the last time you walked those silent and lonely roads?
When was the last time someone smiled at you, just for you and just because of you?
When was the last time your teacher punished you because you were being naughty in the class in her absence?
(If you can answer all the above mentioned questions then it’s alright but if you can’t or taking too long to respond, think once again about your life !! )

We try to live in two different worlds simultaneously; one online and another offline.
Firstly, we log-in then we share mindless things, laugh at silly jokes, cry for nothing, like meaningless statuses, comment on every stupid thing on our wall, chat with every known and unknown person, poke each other crazily, smile when we got nothing else to say.

We use smiley(s) most of the times. We don't have to waste our words instead we leave a smiley and everyone will understand what it means, no matter what and no one cares whether those smiley(s) really reflects your moods or conveys your emotions. Everyone use them because no one has time to think beyond them.

We are so addicted to these fake emotions and the glitter of the virtual world that we never realize that we are missing the reality, true beauties of the life and the nature, some true relationships that need our time and attention.

And then comes life : offline, where neither fake emotions nor words help us much. Life cannot be planned. It's all about instincts and how profound we are at the moment of need. People see through us when we fake, at least the people who truly care about us. And when we smile, they smile too. They stay with us through our good and bad times.

Both lives online and offline have their pros and cons, however we should always prioritize reality because that's what is going to stay with us till the end.

keep smiling !!
keep rocking !!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Truly (un)Expected !!


I want to recall the time when I was happy without you, my life was so simple and smooth without daily surprises, i was without the fear of losing you, the mornings were so quiet and refreshing, I never have to think about the plans for the day, these commas will never end if i think of those golden days .

 Oh yes!! I was happy till you changed the meaning of the word happiness. It really hurts when someone makes you believe that your life is empty without him/her and later on when they make that place vacant forever .
I knew it was an (un)expected one, that made you to leave me alone but i didn’t had time to realize that i am going to miss you, it was so fast, so random or rather say so surprising. Well it was – at least for me. Now things are different, I have learned to accept the things as they are, no added dreams, no expectations, so no hurts and all thanks goes to you for introducing me to the real face of the world!!                                                  

“ No one can change a person, but someone can be a person's reason to change.. !!” 

keep smiling :)
keep Rocking !!

  p.s. Life is much busy nowadays, thanks all for your support :)

will be on your space soon :) :)
listen to ur heart....