Tuesday, March 30, 2010

two types of people.. :) :)

There are two types of people in this world :
one who knows to pass their time..
second who don't have anything to pass their time..
well i do'nt have any comments for them, who knows to pass their time... but who do'nt have any idea of time pass
are again of two types :
one who keep themselves busy in doin nothing..
and second who play antarakshi for time pass..
well i do'nt have any comments for people who keep themselves busy doin nothing but who play antarakshi are again
of two types :
one who don't take active part in the game..
and second who enjoy till d last..
well i don't have any comments for them who dont take active part n d game but who enjoy it till last are again of two types:
one who cheats when dont remember the songs..
and second who reamember all the lyrics of d songs..
well again i dont have any comments for those who cheats when didnt remember d songs but who remember d songs r again
of two types:
one who sings new songs..
and second who sings old songs..
well i dnt have any comments for those who sings new songs but those sings old songs are again of two types:
one who sings in melodius voice..
and second who sings like irritating everyone..
well i dnt have comments for those who sings n melodius voice but people who irritate others by their singing are again
of two types:
one who irritates people ocassionly..
and second who loves to irritate others..
well i dnt have any comments for any of those people let them do so by their singing becoz they dont have any other timepass
rather then irritating others n people whom they irritate dnt have any other timepass rather being irritated by them.. well now
its upto u how u pass ur time :) :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

break....up.. :(

Some songs, places..... do remind me about d old times i hav shared with ma beloved.
i often think about him... Wondering where dat person might be now,
is he missing me n all?
d more i wann to forget him
more i think abt him apart frm knowing dt he dont care at all abt yet.. keep on trying to forget him
just becoz dnt hav courage to give- up..??????
well i create ma own sorrows..
apart frm knwing he will nt rcv d call yet.. keep on trying fr max times n gt hurt. same is wth d msgs...
love to be in memories..far away frm d reality of d relationship dat nw its d time which demands me dat i sud
move ahead nw..
the most favorite paastime aftr break-up is.. wann to let d whole world knw dat i m being cheated :(...
i wann make him blv dat i m happy without u also..do lots of things to make him blv rather den
really being happy wth frnds as well wth somone who cares fr me....
apart frm knowing abt dat person.. his just one HI or HYlloo is enough to remind me all d old memories spent
with him..n again cheted n again hurt :(....
but sometimes i feel its life we keep on reminding d person most in our life who doesnt care fr our feelings.......
noone can help me just becoz i listen ma answers only...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Boys cry silent tears :(

This post is on request by one of my frnd..(hope u will like it)

His eyes were wondering all around the college bt wsnt able to find
her..probably c was absent today also.
as he came to knw frm one of her frnd dat c was havin some personal
problem so c ws attending classes
vry rarely. but it was not like this few days back...they were so
happy, sharing their happiness, crying wth each
othr in pain, always ready to help...he was even ready today to share
all her pain, solve her problems but she wsnt anymore
intrsted in sharing anything wth him, she has a group of friends to do
all dis stuff. and now she doesn't need him.
his jokes dnt make her laugh anymore as c isnt interested in
listening to them..
d memories were stiil refresh when he saw her on first day of d
college.. she was looking gorgeous in red n
black dress, a skin more shiny than gold, her looks were crisp, deep
eyes, brown hairs all were adding
serenc to her beauty..n for her he was just
a mean creature as she ws havin more admirors fr her beauty .she
looked at him once or twice
as if she ws trying to know d feeling through his eyes...
somehow he managed to introduce himself , she replied wth a sweet smile.
soon they become friends...c was happier after meeting him.and
shared her feelings wth her friends that c likes
but she was reacting strangly wth him frm d past few days..may be frm d day he proposed her but she liked him
n he had cleared out d matters yet c wsnt takin to him..
"it ws his b'day when he proposed her :
guy: Listen, the thing that I am telling you should be between you and me only. I dont trust your friends. My friends know this bcoz they can be trusted, you know it.
gal: OK, fine I wont tell anybody...bol.
he took a pause 5 seconds maybe.den continued : "I love you"
gal: Ok. But I am not interested...(one of common ans u cud get frm a gal aftr being proposed )
guy: Listen, listen.... I will never bother you about this. I didnt expect an answer from you. I didnt expect a yes but I promise you I will never bring this thing up again.
I just had to say it it was killing me. I promise.
gal: OK.
She was looking down. he was teary. Maybe she couldnt look at him bcoz he would have cried. dat moment.
she left d room.......
After few days ... :
guy: Why dont you talk to me? I promised you something. We can be friends only. I have feelings for you, dont mean you need to have feelings for me too.
gal: Plz dont bother me. To hell wid your feelings. I dont care.
guy: If you cannot accept my feelings atleast dont disrespect them...
no reply....

today he come to knw d reason of her ignorance.... some of her close frnds didnt like
him just becoz c spend more time with him rather den them.. so cant she take her decisions to her own???
cant c listen to her heart wat it was beating for (becoz c ws also in love wth d guy but never
let him know due to misunderstandings created by her frnds abt him )
well d guy wann ask her :
"" I love somebody but somebody doesnt love me, it's fine but having no
respect for true feelings, is it right?just becoz her frnds dnt like me??? Is my love, my caring, my
friendship, so small that this whole world can crush it and move on. I
guess, I have no option but to wait. Just wait for the look in her
eyes after which nothing has to be said, nothing has to be explained.
and I will wait for you."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hey frnds..

I won't b able to update ma blog for few days..
I m goin to a place havin d facilities like:
no electricity.. :(
lappy can work on battery but no net connection :(
i cnt rush to market as no markets available just small shops n which gals r nt allowed to go..
d most important thing is i can spend ma whole time wth family (as i dnt hav any othr option as cnt contact ma frnds... again network prob. :) :) )
so frnds u all enjoy i will back soon with new post...
keep blogging... :) :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Are u listening ?? it hurts.. :(

Everyone was busy in d room, maa was busy with her friends, ma sis was busy watching her fav prog on tv n me
was trying to take intrest in their conversation (ma always complain me it looks so odd that u don't sit
with ma frnds for few min also). n i saw an old lady was sitting in one of the corner of ma room, c must
be around 70-75 yrs old, sitting on the floor, completely silent looking at us.
I asked maa.."who's she??"
maa: she is parvati's mother (well parvati is our maid)
hmm.. i was looking at her she was extrmly silent, trying to participate in our talk but after 1-2 approches
given up n sit calmly facing towards tv.none of our jokes made her laungh..not even smile also..
After few minutes parvati come up with tea n snacks as she was ordered to do so..
when she left i saw she didnt offered her mother anything neither tea nor snacks
but nobody cared at all...i asked maa abt it.
maa called parvati and asked why didnt u offered her anything? c didn't answerd den her mother was too offered with tea n snacks in a diffenent plate.. (well atleast c was being offered)
Her eyes sparkeled with joy, c took a glance of thanking n smiled as she was noticed by us....
now she was much busy enjoying d things given to her
but some of aunts didn't liked it.
dey tried to convience maa " do not give so much respect to them they will act smartly with u.."
I didnt liked their comments, i looked at d old lady as if her silent eyes were askin them:
" why cant i enjoy sitting wth u n talk,becoz m old? m poor?
why cnt i get respect which i deserve who wil make them undrstnd how i feel.. m also a human being n i gt hurt by d way they treat me.. ......n so on....
Maa replied : For us its not a big issue(snacks), but for them it do matter a lot,n why cant we show some care, love n respect to them.. sometime ppl r hungry for d respect more den food...
in d meanwhile aunts changed d topic of dissun as they didnt liked it .. n maa stopped so everyone distracted frm dat old lady..
but now she was smiling...
.I can understand d sparkel in her eyes wasnt becoz of d snacks but the respect given to her..but
we don't understand... we just ignore them by offering money or somthing to eat never show them love ,care or any sort of respect...i hope d aunts sud also had understood dis so dat d old lady sudnt go through any insult session at their home...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

an innocent poverty..!!

"OMG wat a plesent surprise its gud to c u aftr a long time" i had greeted Rani di as c entered ma room
with her 5 yrs old son..
hmm tum toh aati nahi mujhe hi aana pada..followed by my srry i wsnt knwing dat u r here nowdays..
well we become busy wth our talks n her son was much busy in playing wth d toys offered to him..
After some time he came near to Di and asked..
"Maa we are poor isint it??"
we had a great laugh at his question and tried to ignore him by our laugh..
but he was so stick to his question plzz Maa tell me na we r poor??
Di: No we are not. who told you anything like this??
Subh: u know many of my friends are havin car but we dnt hav so we are poor.. don't you know yet?
Di did not answer she didnt expected an ans like this from his 5 yr old son..
He continued : but we have washing machin, vaccume cleaner, and he counted some more
things from his house and calculated total as four which were according to him sud be there at any rich family.
then he turned to us and pretending in the order if he was trying to console her mother continued in his
cute voice..
"Maa you don't worry we are havin 4 things at home more then them so we are not poor.. my friends are
poor"..and i am sad that they are poor.. :(
we had just again laughed at his conclusion which was made by him who was not knowing
the parameters set by us to consider someone rich/poor but did well as we all do to judge ppl if dey r poor or not by d things they had at home not by what they are havin in der heart for others.....
n he was again busy in playing with his toys with the same concentration and we were left with a question
Really wat's poverty ??

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a new world..!!

she wants to thank the guy for cumin in her life due to whom she come to knw the reality of world....
n its a new start for her in the same world wth new dreams in her eyes...:) :)

was it over????

As c logged in found he was again missing frm her orkut frnd list..it was probably 2nd time (1st was whn c accepted d frnd requst of his frnd on orkut 2nd was d same reason bt on facebook)
so c sent a mail to him :
"hey thanx a lot for deleting me frm facebook as well orkut...dis ws smthng which i cudnt do nd it shud be done without ny regrates..
.well i deleted ma facebook account nt be,coz of ny regrates bt becoz it ws simplly disturbing me..
n i feel today i can make a nw start.. without u...:) :)
thre r lots to do n life rather dn thinkin abt myself we nvr made fr nythng neithr frndshp nor love or .. leave it..
our world r damm different.. tumko hamesa se pta tha... n once again thnx...
keep smiling always it suits u... stop being so rude.. i knw u dnt need dis advice bt yet.. ya black suits u a lot..
u dnt wann see ma face also (it ws d reply to his one of d cmmnts made fr her when c ping him last night :wat u wann nw sud i stop
cumin online due to u or sud i change ma no also huh..y dnt u leave me alone?? i cnt tolrate u on gtalk also
ur chat window havin ur pic reminds me abt d mistake i did...followed by her its ok n byye)
but i m not strong enough to let u go away frm my frndlist also.. u did.. so thnx again me too wann come out
of dis nagging relationship..n dnt worry i wont make u call ever.. its ma promise
"all d best" fr future..... frndshp(he added one of her friend on orkut), everythng............
c was goin thru d pain of missing him but yet c was trying to show her happiness to him n evry1 around..
just attr 8 days~~~
while workin online c gt a ping..
guy:u der?
gal:(c ws socked) yup i m.. bolo hws u?
guy:well me fine u tell me hws ur health (hey i frgt to tell u c was suffering frm typhiod vry badly)..r u ok nw?
gal : how did u cm to knw abt dis?
guy:its nt d ans..of ma question
gal: ya i m recovering well hope wil b fine vry soon
guy:hmm.. well i wann to tell u something,.plz accept me on orkut i had sent u frnd rqst again...
i wann to tell u ma feelings..
gal: hmm crry on..
guy: hey whn we chat n i met u first time on d movie date i was terribly attracted towards u..in all dis days
i was just trying to knw u n didnt let u to knw abt maself..i m havin a gf frm d last 5 yrs but c is a cheater
c is havin one more bf othr den me. n so on~~~~
u r a nice gal, gud at studies i knw u will do vry well in ur future, i had tried to love u but i m afraid i cudnt
i cudnt
i cudnt..
gal: (in some angry tone) ya i knw i m too gud for u acc to ma frnds..huh y did u hurt me so much?
guy: ya u r ryte u r too gud fr me.. n all i can do is say u "sorry" for everything..but blv me i didnt wanted to
use n ... u as ma frnds do wth gals..u r really nice gal i want u to be wth me whole life as a vry gud friend
gal:ok we wil always be like gud friends.. n its ok dnt be sorry
few more msgs...n finally log off...
but again c didnt gt any response frm him
no msg no call no more ping..(as a frnd also).....
..to be contd.

~~~~~~for him c was waiting n for her he was just ignoring ~~~~~~

Today again c ws trying to contact him frm d morning but smtimes it ws busy..smtimes not reachable n smtimes switched off
dat c come to knw abt all d recorded msgs frm customer care which irritate ppl so much..
well it was evening c had called him abt 40-50 times n endless no of msgs frm morning..but no reply :(
c ws wondering if he mgt b busy n thats he didnt repied..
so c again bcom busy waiting fr his reply....
at night c got call frm him..
gal :hey whr wer u all d day i ws just trying ur no so many times..
guy : ya i ws busy.. wats matter why u ws calling??
gal: do i need any reason to call u or wat?
guy: com'mn i was havin life before we met.. y u always want to talk or reply fr ur stupid msgs..
gal: hey dear.u r havin life aftr our relationship also... i didnt told u to talk whole day but u sud hav told me atleast dat u r busy..
guy: i dnt wann to b d matter of fun among ma frnds dat luk at him he is spoilin his career aftr gals...dnt u make me to think dat u ws one of ma mistake..uff leave it m damm tired n goin to sleep, gn
gal:(c wanted to ans..but c was speechless... silent..) dc d phn....
(ohh i think i hurted him i sud nt had behave lik dat...)c again tried d no. aftr few min it ws busy.......
c tried abt 2 or 3 times more still same irritating msg was cumin frm dat side .."the no u r trying is busy attending......."
it was d time c was feeling being irnored frm him............n was much confused wat c did wrong??
c was hurt a lot.. wasnt havin courage to share her pain also wth any one as dey had
alerted her many times abt dat guy.. or havin a relationship which was buit online (orkut)
pain was her.. c was goin through it silently n calmly..but yet c was nt ready to accept he did anything wrong
c was havin much blv on him n on d dream also dat he will definaetly come back to her
now c was remembering his one of d question and its meaning..:how can u say dat u r in love wth me?
it might be just an attraction??
but nw c was knowing vry well dat c was in love as c cud feel d pain of being ignored by him..
c was waiting fr him so long.... so dat one day will come whn he will realise her love n come back..
c bloked d frnd requst, made her realtionship status as commited on orkut (few more stupid things c did fr him)
....to be contd.

she was in love......

"na jane kab tu dil me h aaya
khushbu tu meri zindagi me samaya
har bat mujhko ab to lagti bhali h
kisi rah jau lage teri gali h
yado me rahe
mere sath chale
meri parchai
Haan ! !
mujhe pyar hua hai......................"

dis were d lines cumin straight frm her heart..aftr d first date..
it was feeling like she was waiting for him frm ages n nw her dreams ws changing into reality..
..she was on top of the world..
evry romantic song ws remindin her abt him..his whispered "i love you" ws still so fresh enough for
her to fall again n again fall in love wth him...
anaware of d fact dat her happiness will not last forever........
c spent few days wth d feeling in between reality n dream...
aftr 3-4 days~~~~~~~~~~
.............to be contd.

Monday, March 8, 2010

ahem ahem..!!!!!

It ws d time fr which c waited whole day impatientaly..
c gt d call:
guy :hello..its sneha?
gal:yup i ws waitin fr ur call only..
ohh so srry i ws busy in ma cousion engagement so didnt able to talk u dat time..
.i must say ur voice is so sweet just like u.n one more thing i frgt dat u had put a lovely pic in ur orkut profile...
gal :thnx..
nw d conversation continued fr sm more min..
guy :ok den meet me online tonite i need to talk.. i wann knw u some more..
c wanted to ask why bt remain silent n agreed..
guy: ok den bbye..
At night ::::chatting...
c got a ping..
guy: ahem ahem.. (it ws his fav online greetin )
gal: hey hello...
guy: well i think i like u.. m addicted to ur talkings...n u too..
gal: wat?(in confused state of mind)haha......i like u too :) u came online to say me dis only??haha....
guy: y laughing.. i really like u i cant say much nw bt i want u to be wth me whole life...
guy: well i think u r confused wat to asn.. den its okk leave it talk abt somthing else..
n continued chattin abt other things.......
aftr few minutes...
guy: ok den its too late i sud sleep nw, i hav to go to drop ma sis to kota....
gal: (c didnt wann let him go but..)ohh ok..
guy :gud ngt........
Next day he ws in d train: dey were chattin through msgs..
hey dear wat u did wth ur cell phn i m nt able to make u call?? n i m missing u like hell...
gal: why u miss me so much everytime??
guy: well u ask preety straight questions.. bt it mgt take few hours ,days or months to ans dis ..
just gve me smtime..followed by her :) :)
while returning frm der he made call to her ..
they talked whole day+ngt abt themselves n discussed abt almost everything..
n fixed program to meet fr a movie date....
to be contd....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

when strangers become friends..

It was just like any othr day c ws much busy in orkutting..as usual so many frnd request n c ws ignoring almost all of dem..accidently c clickes on any frnd suggestion given ny orkut
a profile appeared havin a large frnd list..so nice communities n pictures of him c ws just nt intrsted in makin any new frnd so c returned to d homepage without much thinkin
or havin intrst of knowing him..next day a scrap appeared frm dat guy "well u visited ma profile do we knw each othr??"
c repied "no we dnt..u ws just in ma frnd suggestion n accidently i did" followed by cmmnts "hw rude" frm him..
It annoyed her a bit so c repied straight "yes i m".. again d scrap appeared "u always act so straight n blunt??
huh.. nw it ws too much so c prefered to keep silence as nt to escalate d issue.. but nxt scrap: so sneha wat u do?? r u a student?
yup i m.. so dnt u??
den few more scraps dey exchanged n as usual dey becom orkut frnds but a moment comes on orkut frm wer u cnt chat chat der as it takes time n u hav to knw ppl a bit fast
so Gtalk ws a bttr option fr dem..so dey did connect through gtalk shared abt themselves..lik hobbies..likes dislikes n they exchanged Sorry fr being a bit rude on orkut too..
c ws kind of open hearted gal so c shared lots abt her n he just lisened dem silently n seriously (as he pretended) as well complimenting wherevr it ws needed n so on ...
finally it ws time fr dem to say bye as he ws getting late fr sm work..
boy:dnt say bye i hate byes..tell me bye on d day when we wil nt b frnds any more....
gal:its okk i wont say bye.. tc
boy:u too
logg offff....
next day again c cm online bt cudnt found him.. n 3-4 days pased without havin chats wth him..so c decided to contact him (d most stupid thing c did) but no contact no.
uff again c ws disappointed all of sudden c found his no on d orkut profile.. yes i got it !! c tried d no but befor it cud ring c dissconnected.. wat wil he think abt me if i wil make call first??
but c ws so much excited to talk to him dat c didnt cared much n called..
Hello.. a voice came fr d opposite side.. c controled herself n "can i talk u ......" its sneha here..
omg a reaction fr his side frm whr did u gt ma no.. uff c wsnt expectin dis response but it ws so obvious so replied :sorry i took it frm ur orkut profile..
ohh its okk... nw i m in between of somthing i cant talk nw. its ur no?? i will call u in d evening....
gal:yes its mine.. followed by bbye.. dissconnected..
..nw c becm busy in waitin fr d evening....
.........to be cont.

Friday, March 5, 2010

just a thought..!!

Freedom n Dependency cnt dwell together if u r dependent upon someone u cant
be free...der is so many things inside u, but cnt express ur views, u cnt say truth.. simply not able to convey it to othrs
just frm d fear of dissapproval frm their side if they wil not like it dey mgt nt react well n bann ur freedom....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

dis lonliness is tmporary????

"Its me begging u today~~ plz dnt leave me alone.... i need sm1 to cm n sit besides me,i hav to share lots of things wth u
i had tried to help many but nw i wann to be helped by u will u do so??
i really failed to judge ppl in ma life mgt be d reason dat i m alone or its ma bad luck??
i m a big emotional fool..ppl cm in ma life realised der importance to me n went hurting me back
n me...never ever learned frm ma mistakes n evrytime i fall in d same hole again n again..huh
i want to lean on ur shoulder wann cry a lot just feel ma pain i need u very badly.
m nt much strong n bold enough to handle dis world i need some frnds.. believe me i m d most unluky person in dis world.
.whenever i need sm1 vry badly
i look around n dont find anyone besides me atleast to whom i can share
ma feelings....com'n if u r der come n look me in my eyes, show me that u undrstand me and that u care.
u wil hav to show me dat ur feelings r true. promise me u won't hurt me.... plz don't do me like da othrs did or treatd me....
.I don't want u to be ma just another mistake.. care for me but don't hurt me, bcz once a tear falls, I knw it's d end of anther broken heart..."
suddnly I was woken by the sound of someone moving around....n found it ws just a dream..
so i woke up wth a smile in ma face,again started sharing problems, caring n trying to help othrs... enjoying wth thm but still i feel " i m alone"...!!!!!!
listen to ur heart....