Wednesday, March 10, 2010

was it over????

As c logged in found he was again missing frm her orkut frnd was probably 2nd time (1st was whn c accepted d frnd requst of his frnd on orkut 2nd was d same reason bt on facebook)
so c sent a mail to him :
"hey thanx a lot for deleting me frm facebook as well orkut...dis ws smthng which i cudnt do nd it shud be done without ny regrates..
.well i deleted ma facebook account nt be,coz of ny regrates bt becoz it ws simplly disturbing me..
n i feel today i can make a nw start.. without u...:) :)
thre r lots to do n life rather dn thinkin abt myself we nvr made fr nythng neithr frndshp nor love or .. leave it..
our world r damm different.. tumko hamesa se pta tha... n once again thnx...
keep smiling always it suits u... stop being so rude.. i knw u dnt need dis advice bt yet.. ya black suits u a lot..
u dnt wann see ma face also (it ws d reply to his one of d cmmnts made fr her when c ping him last night :wat u wann nw sud i stop
cumin online due to u or sud i change ma no also huh..y dnt u leave me alone?? i cnt tolrate u on gtalk also
ur chat window havin ur pic reminds me abt d mistake i did...followed by her its ok n byye)
but i m not strong enough to let u go away frm my frndlist also.. u did.. so thnx again me too wann come out
of dis nagging relationship..n dnt worry i wont make u call ever.. its ma promise
"all d best" fr future..... frndshp(he added one of her friend on orkut), everythng............
c was goin thru d pain of missing him but yet c was trying to show her happiness to him n evry1 around..
just attr 8 days~~~
while workin online c gt a ping..
guy:u der?
gal:(c ws socked) yup i m.. bolo hws u?
guy:well me fine u tell me hws ur health (hey i frgt to tell u c was suffering frm typhiod vry badly)..r u ok nw?
gal : how did u cm to knw abt dis?
guy:its nt d ans..of ma question
gal: ya i m recovering well hope wil b fine vry soon
guy:hmm.. well i wann to tell u something,.plz accept me on orkut i had sent u frnd rqst again...
i wann to tell u ma feelings..
gal: hmm crry on..
guy: hey whn we chat n i met u first time on d movie date i was terribly attracted towards all dis days
i was just trying to knw u n didnt let u to knw abt maself..i m havin a gf frm d last 5 yrs but c is a cheater
c is havin one more bf othr den me. n so on~~~~
u r a nice gal, gud at studies i knw u will do vry well in ur future, i had tried to love u but i m afraid i cudnt
i cudnt
i cudnt..
gal: (in some angry tone) ya i knw i m too gud for u acc to ma frnds..huh y did u hurt me so much?
guy: ya u r ryte u r too gud fr me.. n all i can do is say u "sorry" for everything..but blv me i didnt wanted to
use n ... u as ma frnds do wth gals..u r really nice gal i want u to be wth me whole life as a vry gud friend
gal:ok we wil always be like gud friends.. n its ok dnt be sorry
few more msgs...n finally log off...
but again c didnt gt any response frm him
no msg no call no more ping..(as a frnd also)..... be contd.


listen to ur heart....