Wednesday, March 10, 2010

~~~~~~for him c was waiting n for her he was just ignoring ~~~~~~

Today again c ws trying to contact him frm d morning but smtimes it ws busy..smtimes not reachable n smtimes switched off
dat c come to knw abt all d recorded msgs frm customer care which irritate ppl so much..
well it was evening c had called him abt 40-50 times n endless no of msgs frm morning..but no reply :(
c ws wondering if he mgt b busy n thats he didnt repied..
so c again bcom busy waiting fr his reply....
at night c got call frm him..
gal :hey whr wer u all d day i ws just trying ur no so many times..
guy : ya i ws busy.. wats matter why u ws calling??
gal: do i need any reason to call u or wat?
guy: com'mn i was havin life before we met.. y u always want to talk or reply fr ur stupid msgs..
gal: hey dear.u r havin life aftr our relationship also... i didnt told u to talk whole day but u sud hav told me atleast dat u r busy..
guy: i dnt wann to b d matter of fun among ma frnds dat luk at him he is spoilin his career aftr gals...dnt u make me to think dat u ws one of ma mistake..uff leave it m damm tired n goin to sleep, gn
gal:(c wanted to ans..but c was speechless... silent..) dc d phn....
(ohh i think i hurted him i sud nt had behave lik dat...)c again tried d no. aftr few min it ws busy.......
c tried abt 2 or 3 times more still same irritating msg was cumin frm dat side .."the no u r trying is busy attending......."
it was d time c was feeling being irnored frm him............n was much confused wat c did wrong??
c was hurt a lot.. wasnt havin courage to share her pain also wth any one as dey had
alerted her many times abt dat guy.. or havin a relationship which was buit online (orkut)
pain was her.. c was goin through it silently n calmly..but yet c was nt ready to accept he did anything wrong
c was havin much blv on him n on d dream also dat he will definaetly come back to her
now c was remembering his one of d question and its meaning..:how can u say dat u r in love wth me?
it might be just an attraction??
but nw c was knowing vry well dat c was in love as c cud feel d pain of being ignored by him..
c was waiting fr him so long.... so dat one day will come whn he will realise her love n come back..
c bloked d frnd requst, made her realtionship status as commited on orkut (few more stupid things c did fr him) be contd.


listen to ur heart....