Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's my Life !!

Blogging is among one of those best things that ever happened to me in past few years. Yeah, I penned down my feelings whenever I was high/low/depressed/hurt or whatever it was but I hardly blog nowadays. It's not like I don’t get time to write or I don’t want to write, I am just unable to put my emotions into words. It's like there are no words at all. It happens when someone is either very happy or very sad, doesn't it? But that's not the case here. I'm just not able to write - just like that. Why?

Few things in life happen for no reason. Even if there's a reason, aren't we too busy or ignorant to go behind that reason? Well, I'm not sure though.

I was recollecting some really awesome moments of past and the first thing that I thought about was rain. Rain! Yeah, I love when it rains. Sitting inside my room and watching the amazing droplets hit the ground, and then getting drenched in rain. Today, I enjoyed Rain. The falling droplets filled my heart with joy and it refreshed me. I felt alive. I was happy for I could still respond to the beauties around me like before. The child in me was still alive, had listened songs randomly – anything and everything, loved to do that as wasn’t even sure which the next track is. Sometimes life is good when you are ready for unpredictable things and accept them as they are – without any modifications at all !!

Well! I finally had a weekend for myself. No parties, no hanging out with friends, just Me, some good MUSIC, good FOOD, Rain and I loved every moment of it. Spending time with oneself is way better than being stuck with someone whom you don’t like, isn't it?

I want to thank that someone who brings my confidence back every time I feel low. I'm really thankful to that person because of whom I'm happy now. I realized that I should let go of petty things in life and hold on to beautiful moments.

Keep Smiling !!
Keep Rocking !!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just a thought # 8

If someone really likes u..... 
                                ................. everyone does..!! :)

keep Smiling !!
keep Rocking !!

listen to ur heart....