Thursday, April 28, 2011

cheers to life !! :)

Life is strange. It always gives us another chance especially when we are happy with whatever we have and don’t need anything else.  Life is not a fairytale and I don’t even want it to be. I like the way it is.
In the last few months I had experienced  moments which were extremely sad, some simply awesome, lots of pain, some happiness, some small achievements, some failures etc. sometimes we want things to happen according to our wish, and as soon as we succeed in that, it confuses us whether we asked for it or not. It happen hell number of times.. at least with me. For me  “ I have never met  anyone so ignorant that I couldn’t learn anything from them“ and believe me it never disappoints me, I met so many people in life : some are worth to remember some are  simply awesome due to their approach towards life and I like all of them , their way of approaching life. I never wanted to be like anyone but yeah there are few things which I want/wish to ignore rather than messing up with people/relationship/situations and finally I am able to do so and live life a bit more simply (sounds so nice..). The bottom line is ~~ I am happy.. I know what I want from my life at least about the moment I am living in.
It’s like “Do whatever you really want to, don’t worry about others…. they are too busy  and don’t care at all “ you know yourself much better than anyone else and your dreams/priorities too. Don’t be afraid to dream.. dream which needs action to come for them..achieve everything you wished for your life..oh wait you still worrying about some heartbreaking and about people who never cared about you.. don’t ..they will just come back.. one day.. definitely!!

keep Smiling !!
keep Rocking !!


listen to ur heart....