Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is this Love :/

I was just wondering how people figure out that they have fallen for someone. I mean how and when do they realize that they are in love.
Are there any predefined symptoms? Any sign that confirms that you had feelings for someone? Sign that proves that you were actually in love? Anything that makes you say, “Yes, I’m in love”. Any hint like people playing pianos in the background like it happens in Hindi movies?

Did any sign work for you? Did they tell you whether you just liked someone or it was actually love? Well, if they worked then it’s good otherwise let’s suppose you just moved on and forgot all about your feelings; like or love or whatever it was.

Here’s few lines from one of my favorite movies
 ”Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein”:
"ek ladki dekhi, one flash aur main apna dil kho betha, ab to bas ek hi tamanna hai - rehna hai uske dil mein !!"
Did you fall in love at first sight too? Or you don’t believe in such a thing? If you don’t believe in it then would you tell me how long one has to wait to confirm that he or she is or was in love. Few days? Months? Years? Or a lifetime? 

Anyway, when I see hope in your words, when I just cannot stop thinking about you, when I crave to talk to you, when I wish all my dreams should come true, am I in love? Is this really love?

Well I don't know..what about you ? ;)

Keep Smiling !!
Keep Rocking !!

listen to ur heart....