Saturday, February 12, 2011

Truly (un)Expected !!


I want to recall the time when I was happy without you, my life was so simple and smooth without daily surprises, i was without the fear of losing you, the mornings were so quiet and refreshing, I never have to think about the plans for the day, these commas will never end if i think of those golden days .

 Oh yes!! I was happy till you changed the meaning of the word happiness. It really hurts when someone makes you believe that your life is empty without him/her and later on when they make that place vacant forever .
I knew it was an (un)expected one, that made you to leave me alone but i didn’t had time to realize that i am going to miss you, it was so fast, so random or rather say so surprising. Well it was – at least for me. Now things are different, I have learned to accept the things as they are, no added dreams, no expectations, so no hurts and all thanks goes to you for introducing me to the real face of the world!!                                                  

“ No one can change a person, but someone can be a person's reason to change.. !!” 

keep smiling :)
keep Rocking !!

  p.s. Life is much busy nowadays, thanks all for your support :)

will be on your space soon :) :)
listen to ur heart....