Friday, March 26, 2010

Boys cry silent tears :(

This post is on request by one of my frnd..(hope u will like it)

His eyes were wondering all around the college bt wsnt able to find
her..probably c was absent today also.
as he came to knw frm one of her frnd dat c was havin some personal
problem so c ws attending classes
vry rarely. but it was not like this few days back...they were so
happy, sharing their happiness, crying wth each
othr in pain, always ready to help...he was even ready today to share
all her pain, solve her problems but she wsnt anymore
intrsted in sharing anything wth him, she has a group of friends to do
all dis stuff. and now she doesn't need him.
his jokes dnt make her laugh anymore as c isnt interested in
listening to them..
d memories were stiil refresh when he saw her on first day of d
college.. she was looking gorgeous in red n
black dress, a skin more shiny than gold, her looks were crisp, deep
eyes, brown hairs all were adding
serenc to her beauty..n for her he was just
a mean creature as she ws havin more admirors fr her beauty .she
looked at him once or twice
as if she ws trying to know d feeling through his eyes...
somehow he managed to introduce himself , she replied wth a sweet smile.
soon they become friends...c was happier after meeting him.and
shared her feelings wth her friends that c likes
but she was reacting strangly wth him frm d past few days..may be frm d day he proposed her but she liked him
n he had cleared out d matters yet c wsnt takin to him..
"it ws his b'day when he proposed her :
guy: Listen, the thing that I am telling you should be between you and me only. I dont trust your friends. My friends know this bcoz they can be trusted, you know it.
gal: OK, fine I wont tell anybody...bol.
he took a pause 5 seconds maybe.den continued : "I love you"
gal: Ok. But I am not interested...(one of common ans u cud get frm a gal aftr being proposed )
guy: Listen, listen.... I will never bother you about this. I didnt expect an answer from you. I didnt expect a yes but I promise you I will never bring this thing up again.
I just had to say it it was killing me. I promise.
gal: OK.
She was looking down. he was teary. Maybe she couldnt look at him bcoz he would have cried. dat moment.
she left d room.......
After few days ... :
guy: Why dont you talk to me? I promised you something. We can be friends only. I have feelings for you, dont mean you need to have feelings for me too.
gal: Plz dont bother me. To hell wid your feelings. I dont care.
guy: If you cannot accept my feelings atleast dont disrespect them...
no reply....

today he come to knw d reason of her ignorance.... some of her close frnds didnt like
him just becoz c spend more time with him rather den them.. so cant she take her decisions to her own???
cant c listen to her heart wat it was beating for (becoz c ws also in love wth d guy but never
let him know due to misunderstandings created by her frnds abt him )
well d guy wann ask her :
"" I love somebody but somebody doesnt love me, it's fine but having no
respect for true feelings, is it right?just becoz her frnds dnt like me??? Is my love, my caring, my
friendship, so small that this whole world can crush it and move on. I
guess, I have no option but to wait. Just wait for the look in her
eyes after which nothing has to be said, nothing has to be explained.
and I will wait for you."


bibhash jha said...

well .. this is all shit .

And one thing I wonder why the frnds of the girl had a wrong opinion about the boy . If the boy was actually gud then all her frnds cant be wrong at the same time or the boy was so bad that all her frnds except she (blinded by love ) could see the real him .

Moreover boy was already afraid of her frnds and doubted them .. why ?? was he so under confident .. huh ..

The girl should have answered in a manner that would not hurt him .

deepa kashyap said...

sometimes it happens we trust more on our frnds rather den a guy or gal we just met....
only one thing is missing in dis story is "trust"....if c had trust on d guy all d misunderstandings didnt workrd at all....

DiDo said...

i think the girl dint hav the courage... why would u hide ur feelings for someone just becos ur frds dont like him..

Bindaaassss said...
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Bindaaassss said...

@bibhash bcoz boy probably knew dat she was nt being wid good people...and he didnt like her friends so inturn they did not like him too. See in a college if you are a guy and you have gud friends, you can ping info about any he must have known about them.

@DiDo probably you are right...or maybe she didnt wanna be wid someone who isnt gud at public this case the public is her friends.

Bindaaassss said...

I personally think she was just worried about her public image.

bibhash jha said...

@bind-ass .. what kind of girl she was .. all her frnds were bad .. A person is known by the company he keeps . It cant be a coincident that all her friends are bad .

Bindaaassss said...

wat do u think in a group of 7 girls all dnt hv a be precise...a few of them never speak...and some are jus snakes...she had gud friends too but nt necessarily those good friends spoke about d guy...they never knew d guy...or even if they knew...nt necessarily everybody interferes in everything.

Bindaaassss said...

and when you plant seed of doubt in somebody else's grows and grows only...even if good friends spoke good about the guy...the seed in the brain..won't let her see the truth...

Dr. Rakesh said...

First of all, nice work deepa. Now this story is complete.second thing, tell that boy to stop waiting for her, because this story is messed up. She wont return in his life. His mistake was that he realised his love after messing up. In my view, if you love someone, you should have respect for her and also people around her,her friends,her family,because they are the people who were with her even before u came into her life. U cant fake respect,and if u truly respect some person he/she will respect you. He tried to seperate her from her friends, but in the end wat hppnd, he got separated. If he had been true,this story would have a happy ending

deepa kashyap said...

@ Dr. rakesh
thnks.. well upto some extent i agree wth u.. bt no cmmnts as its sm1 story i dnt knw him much :)

Bindaaassss said...

@Rakesh the thing is her friends came after the boy... :) and he never, ever, tried to separate them from her nor he disrespected or fought wid them. Just bcoz they had a bad opinion about the boy doesnt mean they were bad to her also but the reason why they developed that view about the guy was unknown to the guy. He tried to sort things out but all they did was to mess things up. Only thing he ever wanted was to be with her. Trust me, thats all he ever wants. No conditions no demands. Thats why he still waits...!

Anyways this story was never about "the guy getting the girl" if anyone is confused. Its just a clarification from the boy to the girl that he wasnt wrong. And he still waits for her, I think thats called being true. :)

adhil said...

wtf is thz gals hmmmmm dnt waste time for gals they are worthless

Abhi said...

Wow.. a simple story creating lot of buzz..

Well, deepa the best part of it all was something different. I had never read something written by a girl about a guys feelings. Mostly what you see is guys writing about how a girl felt or a guy writing about how a guy felt in these love affairs. But writing down something called Silent tears by guys is really amazing. But I still think you need to explore more on this part. Guys have emotions which they rarely show. The best part is u hv really well portrayed the straight forward nature of guys.. gals rarely understand that (no offence to gals of course), but its only because men are from Mars and Women are from Venus :))))

Now regarding the story, I suppose the guy needs to speak up and get things clarified, if possible by taking one of her friends into confidence. It's really foolish on the part of the girl not to reply positively just because she couldn't give more time to her friends. There must be some misunderstanding with her friends. She also needs to take them into confidence saying she would no way discriminate among her friends and boy friend. At certain point you create new relationships, dat doesnt mean you would part with old ones. Quite immature way to think on her friends part.

deepa kashyap said...

i will try to explore more next time writing abt guys feelings :)
thnx fr ur comments n following ma blog :)

deepa kashyap said...

@adhil its quite rude..

jatin said...

hey dude...same 2 same mere sth bhi aisa hi hua hai uske frnds usko alow ni krte ki vo mujse bat kre vo khte hain agr vo mujse bat kregi to vo use bat ni vo merko lyk krti hai..
So plz bdy help me main kya kru..

listen to ur heart....