Thursday, March 4, 2010

dis lonliness is tmporary????

"Its me begging u today~~ plz dnt leave me alone.... i need sm1 to cm n sit besides me,i hav to share lots of things wth u
i had tried to help many but nw i wann to be helped by u will u do so??
i really failed to judge ppl in ma life mgt be d reason dat i m alone or its ma bad luck??
i m a big emotional fool..ppl cm in ma life realised der importance to me n went hurting me back
n me...never ever learned frm ma mistakes n evrytime i fall in d same hole again n again..huh
i want to lean on ur shoulder wann cry a lot just feel ma pain i need u very badly.
m nt much strong n bold enough to handle dis world i need some frnds.. believe me i m d most unluky person in dis world.
.whenever i need sm1 vry badly
i look around n dont find anyone besides me atleast to whom i can share
ma'n if u r der come n look me in my eyes, show me that u undrstand me and that u care.
u wil hav to show me dat ur feelings r true. promise me u won't hurt me.... plz don't do me like da othrs did or treatd me....
.I don't want u to be ma just another mistake.. care for me but don't hurt me, bcz once a tear falls, I knw it's d end of anther broken heart..."
suddnly I was woken by the sound of someone moving around....n found it ws just a dream..
so i woke up wth a smile in ma face,again started sharing problems, caring n trying to help othrs... enjoying wth thm but still i feel " i m alone"...!!!!!!


Deepak said...

Nice one...

deepa kashyap said...

@ deepak
thnx fr d cmmnt hope to c u again..

listen to ur heart....