Monday, February 22, 2010


Its beautiful day..after d rain sky is so clear n blue havin seven colours scattered ohh its rainbow..
birds rushing back to their homes .. their children making little noise in their nests as they see their
mama approaching..small children r playing outside...there are rain drops on flowers adding more beauty to it..
.n there is huge traffic jam on the road..
while explaining d lines Raj turned n found..Abhi ws so delighted as if he can imagine
all those scenes..with his closed eyes....
ohh thnk god! i cud make him smile Raj thought..
It ws der daily routine from last few months....Raj explain evrything running outside d window as he got the permission to sit for 2-3
hours in a day for his dialysis...both of them were in d same ward n Raj ws wth d bed near to d window..both of them eagrly wait for this moment
so that they cn come closer to the nature n feel its beauty...
graadually Abhi started feeling jelous of Raj..y its always dat he can c all d beauty n just explain me..y cnt i watch them
through ma own eyes...once those hours were d most important part of d day for which he used to wait whole day nw become just an excuse for being sad for Abhi....
It was diwali's night evry1 was busy in enjoying sweets, burn crakers but der ws sm1 shoughting fr help..he ws restless
his voice lost in d noise of crakers, Abhi was knowing abt d pain n suffering of Raj but refused to help as he wants dat window side bed..
There is morning aftr every dark was morning now but the person was not any more who describe its beauty..
Abhi was a bit sad for loosing one of his friend (ya we can call them as friends)..but he was overwhelmed wth joy dat he
will see all the beauty with his eyes,he dont need anyone more to explain them..
His bed was shifted near the window.. with the support of his hands somehow he managed to peep out of the window....ohh myy god!! he was shocked..wats this????
"samne ek deewar thi.."


bibhash jha said...

just awesome ! such a great idea expressed in a simple manner . But I doubt some friend ( or even an enemy ) would do that . Anyway the concept is really great and idea touched my heart . Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder . One must look around and find the beauty hidden in each and every aspect of nature . you rock deepa ... keep posting.

deepa kashyap said...

thnx bibhash..
its true we r d prsn who make our as well othrs life beautiful by our attitude towards life..
smtimes its too late to undrstnd a prsn whethr he is ur frnd or enemy..we do our best to make them happy n in return gt smthing really shockin n unexpected..

listen to ur heart....