Monday, May 17, 2010

When belief dies !!

Believe :to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of
something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so..
Thats the meaning isin't??

The most common question asked by a guy to gal is: "don't u trust me?? followed by"how much ". all do gals answer is "ya i do trust you.. more then myself (if gal is in relationship with the guy). but sometimes this trust is the cause of death of the girl..

I don't know when they will understand..This life is no longer a fairy tale where their is a prince a princess a fairy land n blah blah..but now their prince can be the worst guy they had ever met :(
its sad but true ..its now the damn reality of the world
"young girls being exploited by their male friends".

The girls are asked to be careful while being in relationship with guy..
but the question is: careful from whom?
strangers?? friends?? boyfriend?? lover??
or from everyone whom they trust?? whom they know??

A number of girls, committing suicide or attempting to end their lives after being ''blackmailed'' by their boyfriends.The boyfriends which once promised to stay with her whole life, to care for her, whom she believed a lot more then anyone else in this world..

There are few cases where belief dies followed by the girl.... when being cheated..

A 22-year-old girl committed suicide last year in Cuttack after she found her objectionable pictures in a CD allegedly made by her male friend.
He was later arrested by police. but till then it was too late she lost her b'ful life
just for a guy who doenst deserve her love, trust or anything..

Three more girls fell victim to pornographic CD racket in Dhenkanal district
last month.

A girl in Dhenkanal recently attempted suicide after finding her objectionable
pictures in a CD available in the local market, she said. In a message to parents

n all the cases, the boys were in "relationship" with the girls.

The feelings, belief, trust, love , care all these things
take back seat for someone who is madly in love with "money"..n they can't love anyone else !!


Suree said...

we should just judge correctly first..then believe someone.

and to believe someone more than self may be called as love(I donno whats love as i never felt it).

everything is in ur hands girls, just don't believe those idiots do such disgusting thing.

JudgeMent is the Key.

Would be great if there is no wrong judgement

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Oh no ... it is not just about money ,... it goes way worse ....

guys just move on with their lives, not caring how much they affect they girls. it is sad really .... girls give up their entire lives just to be with the guy .. and the guy just doesn't have any value for it ....

yogesh said...

I believe we must trust people to one degree or another or we'll all go mad. We need friends, confidantes and sometimes just someone we feel safe to lean on. If we don't trust anyone we live a life of paranoia and fear, and who wants that?

But.. gals need to be very careful abt the person u gonna trust..!!!

Kundan Sharma said...

Yes its true, and time and again we come to know the same by either newspaper or someone in society itself.
But as a matter of fact we become blind while we love and dig our own graves, well!! at the same time we have good examples as well, so being careful is the best way to avoid such thing and moreover why do we end our b'ful lives for a person who never had love in his or her heart. And one mantra from my none else yourself..

nitwit said...

yes one mistake in judging the right person can make a girl"s life worse than hell.....

bibhash k jha said...

This is a thing I keep wondering about . There are cheaters, liars , murderers , thieves, and all sorts of bad people around . Many of us even encounter such people . Some of have a really bad luck to encounter the worst and they make their life hell.
Well , bringing it to point ... the girls being misused by boys.. i would like to make a correction here .. its not boys ... its CRIMINALS..
they make people them on PURPOSE ..

for the girl victimized .. i would just say .. bad luck . She couldnt see the real face behind . If a girl kills a boy , we never say GIRL kills boys .. may be a girl roomate of yours takes a nude picture and sells it . I know many such cases . Even a boy cheating other boy .

So , we realise that most important thing is that we are unable to judge who is right and who is wrong . The problem is again inside us .we never give space in our relations for doubt .

When you doubt someone , say ur boy frnd or ur children or ur bro/sis .. they say ..You doubt me??? me ? me? and then emotional play .. and then we say .. no sorry .. i wasnt doubting you . I think there should be space in relation for doubts and explanations . We must be able to explain a situation in case of a doubt . I know this is bad for relations .. but its good for bad relations .

Its just like more security creates hindrance .. but secures you at least in the end .

Sometimes we wonder why we pass through so many security checks and are even pissed off .. coz we dont carry any drugs or guns .. but that is for our own security ..

Same way in relation , we must ask questions in doubt ..and dont just believe on < Dont u trust me thing ..huh >

Well , some relations are always to be trusted ,,, but for relations which we make with strangers and later are deeply involved , must be taken care in this way . I know its weird , but we must gv time before trusting some one . Its better not to be in any relation than to be in a bad relation .

deepa kashyap said...

first we sud judge people then believe??
do u judge all ur friends den do friendship?

deepa kashyap said...

i agree with you its not only for money but somewhere it is done just for the means today money is more important then someone life :(
thanks for comment
keep visiting :)

deepa kashyap said...

ya i know girls sud be very careful for everyone they gonna trust.
thanks for comment
keep visiting

deepa kashyap said...

i like your mantra
thank u :)

deepa kashyap said...

ya i agree with you
thank u :)

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Other then the grammatical mistakes, this post was quite thought provoking! And yes don't mind but I really want to improve on your grammar, was just being honest!I see a lot of talent in you, just try making your posts better :)

Love - beyond realms!! :)

deepa kashyap said...

yup i agree with you.. Its better not to be in any relation than to be in a bad relation ...

thanks for making things more clear :)

deepa kashyap said...

why should i mind, i agree it's having lots of grammatical mistakes. Thanks for pointing out i will try to make posts better.
i liked your honesty :) :)

impuregod said...

well... a nice post... relationships are fickle cos they stem from hearts which is the most fickle thing on earth or
"heaven"... and its easy to corrupt a heart... a guy whom yo loved some months back may not be the same person anymore... souls are corruptible... and the proportion of incorruptible hearts to corruptible ones is very less... and I personally believe that the relationships usually end.. and as yo move on.. time wipes all the held emotions... and wat yo eventually do is regret... thinkin yo cud ve done better things in life instead of being in "failin relationships"... yo regret fo time wasted after chasin the never reachin butterflies... well.. all i can say is tat... Have clear conscience.. and create a better life... a fact as scary as it may seem... and the fact is..."Its eventually upto yo and yo alone"... really a nice thought though.. keep bloggin gal

- The Virgin Author! said...

Girls, should be smart enough to know what is right for them, and what is wrong. Just because, you're in a relationship with someone doesn't mean you can't say NO to things which are well beyond your imagination, and bullshit.

PS: I so second your post. Though, you can improve a LOT on your writing skills, and presentation.

deepa kashyap said...

good to see u after long time
Thank u :)

deepa kashyap said...

@the virgin author
i will try to improve :)
thank u, keep visiting :)

listen to ur heart....