Saturday, September 25, 2010

Move on !!

It’s one of the toughest thing to  do, to move away from a relationship which wasn’t even working. It takes lots of time to believe that yeah I was cheated by him/her, we keep on cursing, hating everything around us which remind us about them...but we can't do anything except "accepting it" !!

·        ##  Accept that there's nothing we can do to change the past : how hard we try, whatever we do, we can’t change the past doesn’t matter we were so good, loving, caring .

·       ##   Learn to forgive yourself for your own mistakes:  we always keep cursing ourselves for something we did, for some we didn’t . Learn to forgive your mistakes as now nothing can be done !!

·        ## Be aware of your thoughts :  just sit and think once it’s really only you who got hurt?  Because the person next to you might be going through the same pain.

·      ##  Trust the nature of time : time is great healer, it always heal our pain . Just have some patience you will be healed n move on !!

·        ##  Never be late in saying sorry : ya a sorry don’t heal someone’s pain but can comfort and just give satisfaction to you and you might forgive yourself . Apologize and ask forgiveness if you need to.

·        ##  Make new connections with people.: You don't necessarily have to make a whole new set of friends; you can initiate a new type of friendship .  some new relationship .

·       ##  Seek balance in your conversations: Let go of the emotions and feelings of painful memories. ya its fine you are so sad and low but no one wants to with someone who live in his/her own world either happy or sad, just take some interest in their lives too.

·        ## Explore a new world : start something new. Paint, write, draw , read, do something which you love to do. Move out of your comfort zone.
·          When you're letting go of an ex-partner, you should seriously consider whether it's wise to spend time together -- or if you should let go altogether. Maybe you're still in love, or were abused, and have confused thoughts and feelings. Take a break , ask yourself twice and then decide.                                                                                                                                                                      

     p.s  keep smiling :)



Rahil said...

..its actually impossible, letting go of someone who became an integral part of your life. How ever hard we try we somewhere deep down we always have a hope.

But its life, it goes on. Stops for none. I'm happy atleast you know what you should do, or what will you need to do. Sincerely from my heart, i wish you get all the happiness you ever wished. Bless you dips.


Nethra said...

No matter how many tips people give, it's difficult to move on. Broken heart heals slower than anything else.

Bikramjit said...

WIll vouch for this that no matter what very difficult to move on.. one of the hardest thing one can do

Especially when someone has brutally passed all over you ..
But with friends and well wishers around it becomes a bit easy thats all i will say.. We dont forget it though...

All the best to you and may god bless...

gulshan ki Faqat Foolon se nahin..
Kanton se bhi zeenat hoti hai

Jeene ke liye is duniya main
Gam ki bhi zaroorat hoti hai ...

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Madhu said...

Move on is so cliche at times HArdto execute,easier to decide..:P

deepa kashyap said...

@rahil i know its next to impossible to forget someone but we learn to live without them with passing days or even sometime years !!

deepa kashyap said...

Nethra ye i agree , still the broken heart gt healed though a bit slow !!

deepa kashyap said...

@bikram well said !!
thanks for dropping by :)

p.s i m fine now :)

deepa kashyap said...

@madhu true girl !!

Vishal Raj said...

When I read the first line of the post, I found it a little bit paradoxical because moving away from a relationship which is not working might not be as tough as receding away from a working, smoothly running relationship. What if there is not cheating, but truth? What if there is not hatred but love ? What if there is not curses, but blessings ? Think over !!

listen to ur heart....