Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a thought # 7


why some dreams are so beautiful so that they never come true?

why some faces are so lovely whom we can't forget?

why some wishes are so expensive, we can't afford them through out our life (As to remain happy always)

why some pain are so heart breaking we can't mend it with words?

why some relationship stop working and we never ever be able to mend it?

why some situations in life are so unexpected and we run out of words?

why some expectations become need with the passing time ?

"Just because life is damn unpredictable?
or we just predict it in a wrong way? "

p.s   long time, no updates on my blog !! life really get messed up sometimes  !!! hope everything will be fine soon  !!


Rahil said...

i guess,
we just predict it in a wrong way.

welcome blogger frnd,
long time.

u were missed here :)

Sourav said...

Life is no good without such questions; unpredictability is what life is! Enjoy every moment of anxiety instead of questioning it! :)

Good to see you back Tomato Ketchup! :p

An Ordinary Gal said...

or May be because we plan for Future more than enjoying Present sometimes. Live in Present and Enjoy each moment of Life :)

No Doubt Life is so unpredictable!!

Madhu said...

aww..ull be fine sweetheart. we lose the ones we love because god loves them more..thats a good thing aint it..:)

cheer u
hugs baby!

Anonymous said...

that's life dear

Bikramjit said...

thats a lot of WHY
but hey thats life and dont worry much about relation.. they come and go and i have found it .. people are just selfish and BAD and stone hearted...
You will be jsut fine chillax and just have funnnnnnnnnn
and do worry much i know hard very hard but one gets by.. life has a way of going up and down... :) its down now its going to g oupp....


deepa kashyap said...

@rahil thanks a lot :)

@pandey ji thanks :p

@Riya yup agree :)
thanks !!

@madhu m much better now :)
thanks sweety... *hugs back*

@bikram yup true.... will rem dis :D

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year
I enjoy reading your posts ,its like each word is felt within ,very amazing feeling

saurabh she. said...

Dipa ur effort is in d right direction.Thats all I have to say for now.Pl.Visit

listen to ur heart....