Wednesday, April 7, 2010

dey were just frnds ????

Today again c was sad as c hurt her best friend. but der were no options left fr her as c knew he was confused with
his feelings for his gal frnd and best frnd. its few days back when he met his frnd.. n was in love from last four years n gt cheated
by his gf. His frnd tried to cheer-up frm d depression wth which he was goin thru n upto some extent c succeed also,he was out of depression now,
they like spending time with each other, like each othrs talks,..
der were some hidden feelings but they cnt ask each other as they were havin gf n bf as well. they shared their problems, feelings
but feeling of liking n love was still in confused state.. d guy was a bit possesive fr his frnd to share her time with others.
and due to dis he proposed her one day all of sudden..n get accepted also by her as till den c was already in love wth him..
but things were nt so simple he wann to let his x-gf to knw dat he is happy without her also.. he tried fr it n felt d gal was jelous
also abt his new gf n love story n blah blah..n he was happy by make her feel so. der were somehing inside him which was still
makin him to be in love with his x-gf. n one day he tried fr sucide attemp due to a small tiff between him n his x-gf. was in hospital
for two- three days.
but in d meantime he was lossing his best frnd as he had spoiled der relationship, by messing up frndship wth love,liking n love
n dis insident broken her heart as c was knowing he still loves his x-gf so now it was her turn to make him feel d reality
of his feelings wat he wann actually.. so c started small tiffs wth him just to prove c wasnt perfect fr him....
today was d first day of her journey in doin so.. but nobody know n care also hw c feels...but no regartes were der as c was knwing dat he likes
his best frnd but was in love with gal frnd :)

~~ dis post is havin some straight n complicated feelings..but reality is always more complicated den fictions n life has some straight views.. :P


Suree said...

yeah the story was a bit complicated as u tagged it...

is this a fiction or real?

bibhash jha said...

I think the ex gf wasnt worth his love .. and she didn't even care if he was dead ..
But he has a frnd like u .. and I know he loves u too much . A boy who can give his life for someone who neglected him.. just imagine what he will do for someone who cares for him.. I mean u . I know he hurt u a lot as he didnt care about u while taking a step as suicide but forgiveness is always welcomed from someone u love .. I wish u forgive the boy and love him so much that he might not even think of that girl in dreams and start loving his life .

deepa kashyap said...

its real story
sometimes reality is more complicated den fiction..

deepa kashyap said...

@ bibhash
i think he dnt diserve his best frnd's love as c tried a lot to stop him frm being hurt by his gf but all goes in vein n nw sucide attemp.... n d doubt wsnt frm d gal whether c loves him or nt but he misunderstood his feelings fr her n messed up things.. huh

Madhu said...

Well reality can also be smple..if we want to see them that way.Being a no nonsense person i am,i hate complicating even the biggest of issues.!

deepa kashyap said...

@ madhu
every1 hate complicated life but sometimes it become sm1 fate :( well life has its own ways :)

listen to ur heart....