Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moments… part of life!!

some truly lovable moments of our life : 

Trying hard to find the cell phone when it’s in silent mode..

A random day dream and then realizing that we were staring at someone by mistake..

Having some text on mobile that you never want to delete.

Restarting the song when you miss your most favorite line.

Staring into the wardrobe of cloths and finding nothing good to wear.

When your tears replace your words.

Everything else becoming so important when its exam time .

Before starting any chapter, counting the number of pages.

Enjoying the moment when someone interrupts the class for any important announcement.

Shouting “irrrrr” when its 10 minutes before break and teacher wants to start any new topic.

Suddenly wake up at night and realize you still have to wait hours for the morning.

Trying hard to convince someone and finally realize he was also telling the same thing .

Random smile about any old memory and forgot for what you was tensed do long.

When parents keep calling , pretending to tell “I am coming”, but move only after they shout.

Don’t you think so…. life is better when we decide we don’t care whatever strange happens !!
Keep smiling !!
keep rocking !!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

love vs friendship

every story has an ending either good or bad.. simple or rocking , happy or sad !!
so i decided to complete my story which i had written long back 



They were getting apart tomorrow but she was still not able to share an important part of her life, was she afraid of losing him? No its not true they are friends  he will definitely understand her feelings but what if he will misunderstood her , what if he like her and expects same .. many thoughts were coming in her mind, just one night before they were sitting on roof , after some silly, stupid and useless talks he approached her : hey I got something important to tell you, please don’t take me wrong.
ya carry on  (replied in lower voice as she was scared as well amazed  at the same time what if he had feelings for me .. I should have told everything before.. )
he continued : I don’t know what attracts me to you, your simplicity, your smile, your pain or just the feeling of insecurity  as I am getting more n more attracted towards u , because I don’t want to imagine my life without you, I am addicted to you, your silly talks.  I had tried many times to ask what is bothering you, why you are sad but failed to do so hope I am not the reason behind it.
Your presence makes me feel comfortable. We had shared every little bit of life with each other and I really wish if we could life together forever and ever. But I am confused as I think its not love,  ya I loved you a lot in all these years even I am not sure if that was love or just a connection between us , a bond , a relationship which kept me connected with you with the threads of our childhood memories, I waited for this day so long and when today you are here I am not able to define my wait for you . I had always remembered you as my best friend, don’t know why but I never felt anything different for you.

Please help me out I don’t know what’s going on at your end. What you think about me, will wait for you as I did so can answer now or can think about it but please reply me till morning . I will leave in the morning .
(There was a complete silence for few minutes)
Then he left wishing her “good night”.
Good night (she tried to reply with a smile)
She was lying on the bed overwhelmed with his words , he had told everything so simply n honestly, kept on thinking till felled asleep.
( it was morning he was leaving from there )
She was standing in front of her, he was going .. they were getting apart all over again. he came near to her for a goodbye …. She hugged him and burst out in tears   “Why didn’t you told me all these things earlier?  I wasn’t hiding my feelings from you but there was something else which was not so important then us so didn’t shared.  I love you a lot, want you to be in my life always as my best friend as like the same we were before.. . I can’t afford to lose you don’t you dare to go away .  yes it’s not love it’s a relationship more special then love which is called as “friendship” .
He didn’t utter a single word just smiled as he got the meaning of their relationship and they again promised to be best friends forever and ever !!

p.s. let me know whether i succeed to give it a nice ending or not :) :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

ohh i just realised ..contd.

  • If u can't repair your breaks..then make your horn louder !!

  • Never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference. ;)

  • If you can't convince someone.. you have other options also as : confuse them. :D

  • When your dreams turn to dust.. its time to vaccum. :)

  • Always remember that you are absolutely unique
                                                                               "just like everyone else" .

  • Don't try to be so open minded that your brain falls out !!

  • we should Throw away any hatred for anyone from our heart so that we will not carry sins for a lifetime. Forgiving others is the best attitude to take!!

  •  Never change your originality for the sake of others, because no one can play your role better than you.
                                 So be yourself, because whatever you are, YOU are the best.

     keep smiling :) :)

    listen to ur heart....