Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moments… part of life!!

some truly lovable moments of our life : 

Trying hard to find the cell phone when it’s in silent mode..

A random day dream and then realizing that we were staring at someone by mistake..

Having some text on mobile that you never want to delete.

Restarting the song when you miss your most favorite line.

Staring into the wardrobe of cloths and finding nothing good to wear.

When your tears replace your words.

Everything else becoming so important when its exam time .

Before starting any chapter, counting the number of pages.

Enjoying the moment when someone interrupts the class for any important announcement.

Shouting “irrrrr” when its 10 minutes before break and teacher wants to start any new topic.

Suddenly wake up at night and realize you still have to wait hours for the morning.

Trying hard to convince someone and finally realize he was also telling the same thing .

Random smile about any old memory and forgot for what you was tensed do long.

When parents keep calling , pretending to tell “I am coming”, but move only after they shout.

Don’t you think so…. life is better when we decide we don’t care whatever strange happens !!
Keep smiling !!
keep rocking !!



Madhu said...

u catually wrote that?? They are indeed thsoe special momnents...i would rather not describe them and simply feel it!

*KHUSHI* said...

Beautiful momnents...

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Oh yes those funny moments of life.. and they happen so often like the few you mentioned ..
phone when its on silent, I usually end up like that every day cause of work i put it on silent at night ahhhhhh ...

and bless the parents we do that Dont we till they shout we dont listen

U do that dont tell me, counting the pages before starting to read he he hehe

I do that too smile and laugh at old memories , memories of my home the good old days excellent LIST you got there


Pankul Gupta said...

this one is good. nice and short. bt well said in the end.
a good observation

Nipun said...

Really some of the very best moments..

Funny though heart felt..



deepa kashyap said...

@madhu yup i felt them thus wrote here :)
tum bhi feel karo :D

deepa kashyap said...

@khusi thanks for dropping by :)
keep visiting :D

deepa kashyap said...

thanks a tonn :D
m glad u liked it :)
keep visiting n keep counting the pages as well smiling n blah blah as mentioned in the post :)
ohh a long list to do :P

deepa kashyap said...

@Pankul thanks :)
last line is my favorite :)

deepa kashyap said...

@nuts thanks :)
keep feeling :)
keep visiting :D
cheers !!

listen to ur heart....