Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hmm its me :)

Firstly, NETHRA Thanks for the tag :)

(so here's the tag : to list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to. )

and here it goes :

** I love shopping but I am an extremely fast shopper, just hate spending hours together in malls for nothing!!

** I loved to bunk the classes in ma college days and so always end up as least attendance and paying fine from ma pocket money :(

** I hate sharing personal things with others like most girls do !!

** I think cooking is a waste of time when you do have so many options like ordering the food from outside!!

** At my home my only companion is my cousin bro for cricket as di's are much interested in ekta kapoor stuff :P

** I am extremely uncomfortable with high heels or any kind of make-ups!!

** I would prefer reading books, roaming around, painting, sleeping, teasing people, pulling legs, than visiting parlors!!

** I hardly care for dark circles around eyes, pimples and so on as I love late night studies, chatting :D!!

** I don't hate liars !! ( strange.. but true rather I enjoy their excuses made to escape from something they should not have done!! )

** I don't get angry if someone forgets my b'day rather I call them and remind to wish me for the same :)

I love to tag :




Dr. chandana



Nipun Mittal

keep rocking !!

keep smiling :) :)


Nethra said...

So even you aren't girlie!?! Join the club. :)

Nipun said...

Read three of such tags and found out that girls are no more girlish..
God has to do something again..:)



Madhu said...

i am a typical girl ya..with some exceptions..i can still do the tag..thanks!

rainboy said...

don't hate liars...very surprising.

nitwit said...


deepa kashyap said...

thanks all :)

listen to ur heart....